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Todays Plans

Well, I think I have went back as far as I'm going to on lj as far as looking at old posts and responding.  I did some rearranging on my friends page so now I  shouldn't miss my friends and family posts amongst all the junk they were hidden in.  The rest of today's plans include laundry, clean bathroom (ugh), vaccum, organize/clean room.  I want to go to the movies too but if that dosen't work out I might rent something.  I have been on a role watching movies lately.  I saw Premonition at the theater.  It was good but if you saw the preview you basicly saw the whole movie.  I also watched the devil wears prada (good), in her shoes (ok, guess it would have been better if I did'nt have a hatred of cameron diaz), prime (total crap, dont even waist your time), Casanova (really good, another stellar performance from the sex god that is Heath Ledger!!) and Just like Heaven (This one suprised me, I thought it would suck but it was actualy pretty darn good, or maybe it was just the sexiness that is Mark Ruffalo ) 
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